Now, you probably already know the reasons for calling 911 should be limited to emergencies only.

Cornell Law lays out the definition pretty clearly; "An emergency is an urgent, sudden, and serious event or an unforeseen change in circumstances that necessitates immediate action to remedy harm or avert imminent danger to life, health, or property."

Well, some guy near Toronto called 911 but didn't quite qualify for emergency services.

The operator answered and asked which emergency service he needed. The guy answered and said an ambulance, but changed his answer to police.

You see, the cars ahead of him weren't moving in traffic and he really needed to use the potty.

"I have to pee," he explained.

"You have to pee? How are the police going to help you?" he said.

I think this stems from being in grade school and asking to go to the bathroom, with the teacher asking, "Is it an emergency?"

Couple that with "Only call 911 for emergencies," and of course you're going to have people calling about having to pee.

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