March 21 - Florida woman, Kristin Wiley, was caught in a lie after she told police she had not been drinking and driving. Wiley's 9-year-old son chimed in from the backseat, "Mom, you can’t lie to the police. You did drink."

Indian River County Sheriff's Office
Indian River County Sheriff's Office

According to Police, the 49-year-old teacher was driving at a high speed down the roadway when she almost hit a marked police car. It was about 2:00 a.m. when the officer conducted a traffic stop. Wiley was asked for her credentials several times before finally complying. The officer noticed her 9-year-old son curled up in the backseat crying, not wearing a seatbelt.

The officer noticed Wileys red and watery eyes, along with a strong smell of alcohol on her breath. Wiley was asked if she had consumed any alcohol, to which she replied no. Her son chimed in from the backseat "Mom, you can’t lie to the police. You did drink." Kristin Wiley then admitted to consuming two vodka mixed drinks at a party she was coming from.


Wiley denied a field sobriety test, though the officer could see she was unbalanced when she exited the vehicle. She was informed by the officer that her refusal to submit to the field sobriety exercise could be used against her criminally. Wiley was then placed under arrest.

The officer spoke with the son in the car, in which the boy informed the officer he had observed his mother consume more than one drink and admitted he was scared while his mom was driving fast.

Wiley was charged with a DUI, a child abuse felony for driving drunk with her son in the car, and also charged with resisting police for snatching her hands away when a cop tried to handcuff her.

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