These damn old people and their loud music.

Ian Trainer, an 82-year-old in Liverpool, England, has some age appropriate hearing loss, and doesn't hear the greatest. That doesn't stop him from enjoying his favorite radio station, 100.6 Classic FM. It's not classic as in "Classic Rock Authority" classic. It's classic as in "Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Brahms" classic.

Being he can't hear very well, Ian has to turn the volume up a little louder than most people. That started to get on the nerves of his neighbors.

After filing a few noise complaints, they went as far as getting a court order to ban him from playing his music above 65 decibels, which is basically a little under a normal talking volume. He told police he likes "Playing music at a level I enjoy."

Sticking it to the man, Ian continued to play his music the same volume as always.

Because he violated a court order, Ian was arrested and sentenced to 24 weeks in jail. At his trial, he told the judge, "Put the ball and chain on me."

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