82-year-old Willie Murphy, from Rochester, New York, made news this week when she didn't allow herself to be a victim. What you should know is that Willie is an award winning bodybuilder, who can deadlift 230lbs, and works out at the YMCA every day.

She was getting ready for bed and heard a man pounding on her front door. He told her he was sick and needed an ambulance, obviously lying. She called 911, but didn't let him in. The man was not happy apparently because he continued pounding on the door before kicking in the door.

"He picked the wrong house to break into," Willie says.

Willie was quick to action, and hid in the shadows waiting for her opportunity to strike the intruder. She grabbed the closest thing to her as the intruder got near her, bashing him with a table until it broke.

Willie next jumped on top of the man with a new bottle of shampoo, and dumped the entirety of the bottle on his face and eyes, effectively blinding the man temporarily.

She let the man up, and began beating him with a broom until first responders arrived. One can only assume the man was happy to see the police.

Willie said the officers who arrived to the scene took pictures with her on her porch and applauded her for her quick thinking.

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