If you have a middle school boy, you already know they they think spraying half a can of Axe body spray is the same thing as taking a shower.

One kid in Florida thought tried to take an Axe-nado after Phys Ed to freshen up, but accidentally used a can of pepper spray. He grabbed the can from a friend, thinking it was body spray, and sprayed himself as such.

In a prerecorded message to parents, Principal Evan Daniels said "Thinking it was body spray, the student who took the canister actually sprayed himself as if he were applying a body fragrance product. The gymnasium was evacuated and ultimately 41 students were transported to area hospitals for care."

Staff at the school pulled students out onto the football field after the incident took place. Half of the students present for the spray needed medical attention. They were taken to the hospital, treated, and released that day.

One student told WTLV "Somebody threw up. It looked like blood, but someone threw up. I just called my mom and told her what happened and she handled the situation."

Police said there was no intent to disrupt the school, so they wouldn't be pursuing charges towards the students.

As far as the student who brought the pepper spray into the school, he's facing a juvenile civil citation by the school for breaking the student code of conduct.

3.08 (ZZZ) Possession of Prohibited Substance or Objects – Possession of any blade not considered to be a weapon (includes common pocketknife, plastic knife, or blunt-bladed table knife), martial arts weapons, taser, bullets, syringes, BB guns, paint guns, air strike guns, over-the-counter drugs, or devices including, but not limited to, mace or pepper spray (2 oz. or less), firearm 26 facsimile or any other object that may puncture, wound, or otherwise injure another person. NOTE: Weapons/Knifes (4 or more inches) with the intent to cause harm at Principal discretion refer to the Hearing Office (Investigation must be completed CCR # Required and BTA Team) Police Notification/Consultation Required 

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