The pandemic has caused some strange behavior, but it turns out our cars are becoming an escape from the world. I guess you could say they're our vehicle from reality.

A study from OnePoll discovered not only is the average ownership of a car about 6 years, but it turns out 73% of us have gotten in our car and just sat to get some alone time away from the people we live with. No matter how extroverted you might think you are, everyone just needs a minute alone.

Here's the Top 10 Pandemic Uses for Cars

  1. Go On Leisurely Drives
  2. Longer Road Trips
  3. It's a Place to Get Some Alone Time
  4. Shorter Day Trips
  5. To Transport Things, Like From a Trip to Home Depot
  6. Quiet Spot for Private or Work Calls
  7. Going Camping
  8. A Makeshift Office
  9. Going Places You've Never Been Before
  10. Drive-In Movies 

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