A 6-year-old kid is spearheading a movement we as adults should've gotten behind decades ago, and we're hoping that phrase "Out of the mouth of babes" comes into play.

The statement is from Brodie, whose mom shared his message with politicians by posting it on Instagram.

"Hey, I'm Brodie and this is for the government and I'm protesting," he says in the video. "I want three days off of school because, um, I've been tired of school lately and I've been dreaming for three days off. Two days is not enough from school. I need three days off."

He shares some pretty valid points for needing three-day weekends off from school.

jess_kenyon via Instagram
jess_kenyon via Instagram

"I need time to just play and go with Nay Nay and stay home and do whatever I want outside," he says, referring to his grandmother as 'Nay Nay.'

Brodie's mom, Jessica Kenyon, wrote on Instagram that she "fully supports" the video she shared of her kid, which immediately earned the backing of thousands of viewers.

One user commented on the video and said Brodie is "The hero we all need. Get him to Washington!"

"Brodie is a very smart little man with a very feasible idea and great reasoning to back said protest," another said.

Now, if only we could get the entire work force to protest, maybe we could make a change and get Brodie's wish of a 4 day work week. Let's get Brodie to Capitol Hill and get the ball rolling.

"I agree Brodie. 2 days is definitely not enough. Life is too short to sit in a classroom 5 days a week. And Nay Nay needs the company," someone else wrote.

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