50 years ago today, on March 1st, 1973, perhaps the most game-changing album for rock-and-roll debuted and is still the most recognizable album art work today.

Of course, we're talking about Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. The iconic prism album artwork is subtle, yet most recognizable.

Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon

If you're not on streaming music services, feel free to listen through the 42 minute album today through the link here:

A few years ago, Classic Albums sat down to interview everyone involved to create the documentary, Classic Albums: Pink Floyd – The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon.

The doc talks with everyone involved, from the band members, producers, and even the guy who designed the album artwork - Storm Thorgeson, who also created the album work for Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door, and a multitude of other albums you probably have in your collection.

Watch Classic Albums: Pink Floyd – The Making of The Dark Side of the Moon

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