Since today is Elvin Bishop's birthday, I thought I'd treat you to some interesting history on a guy who was amazingly talented, but stayed under the radar for most of his career.  So here goes:

  1. Elvin lived on a farm for about 8 years (ages 2-10) in a tiny town in SW Iowa called "Elliott" - population 350.
  2. He earned a full scholarship to the University of Chicago for Physics.
  3. His ex-wife and daughter were murdered in 2010 as part of an extortion case.  Both killers were sentenced to death in California.
  4. He recorded 21 studio albums and 4 or 5 "live" albums over his career, and is still doin' it at age 73.
  5. His guitar "Red Dog" is named after a roadie for the Allman Brothers Band, whom he particularly liked.

So Happy Birthday to Elvin Bishop today... and thanks to Charlie Daniels for the immortal tribute... "He ain't good lookin', but he shore can play!"