Do you share a few secrets with your dog? A survey from OnePoll looked at answers from 2000 dog owners, who confessed the dog may know too much.

The survey found 2/3 people told their dog more secrets than they have their family or friends.

It also found the Top 5 things we do when we're alone with our dogs, but I know some of us definitely do these when no matter who is around with the dog.

  1. Talking to their dog as if it understands 100% of what they're saying.
  2. Use baby talk to the dog, because they freaking love it.
  3. Taking selfies with your pup, because they're the cutest thing you've got around.
  4. Call them by a funny nickname, like "Maxy-waxy."
  5. Share a meal with them, as in you eat some and toss it their way, even if you tell other people not to feed it people-food.

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