The average human farts between 15 and 40 times a day. Some of us fart a little more than that. Sometimes, it could be embarrassing to let one rip, or you're worried about the smell in present audience, so you decide to hold it in.

Holding in your farts will cause some major problems down the road if you're doing it all the time. There's 5 simple reasons not to hold them in.

1. Your Body Will Reabsorb It

When you hold a fart in until you get a shiver down your spine, your body will reabsorb it and cycle it through to become a burp.

2. It Leads To Pain and Heartburn

The pressure that builds up inside of your body can lead to pain, indigestion, and heartburn. It can actually cause swelling of your digestive tract.

3. It Affects Your Colon's Health

Holding in farts long enough will irritate your colon, because of the pressure, which can trigger hemorrhoids.

4. It Will Make You Feel Bloated

Currently, it's up for debate if holding in your farts will actually make you bloated or not, but keeping them in certainly makes you think you're bloated to the point where you start to wobble.

5. Your Farts Can Signal a Worse Problem, if There is One

Farting is normal and healthy, and if you pay attention to smell and frequency, you'll be able to tell if you have food intolerances, or digestive issues. Really bad farts indicate extra sulfur in your body. If they feel painful, it's one of those things only you will know.

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