Five individuals have been apprehended and charged with the murder of John Andrew Mamph in St. Marys, as announced by the St. Marys Police Department. The investigation was initiated when the body of a man believed to be the victim was discovered in the waters off GA Highway 40, in an area popularly known as "Gilligan's Island."

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

In collaboration with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, law enforcement officials identified the suspects and witnesses and conducted numerous interviews throughout Thursday evening and Friday morning. As a result of these interviews, sufficient evidence was obtained to establish the circumstances surrounding Mamph's demise. The GBI, however, refrained from divulging any details pertaining to the cause of death or a potential motive.

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5 People Arrested

Those arrested and charged with murder are Anthony Scott Mistretta, 27, Debra Leane Doughtery, 36, Frank Patrick Kennedy III, 55, Megan Leigh Robison, 33, all residents of St. Marys, and Bernice Rose McGuire, 25, hailing from Kingsland.

An agent from the GBI disclosed that both the suspects and the victim were acquainted with each other and frequently visited the Gilligan's Island area, which served as a camping spot for homeless individuals.

Ashley Clark, who often visits the area to check on the residents of the makeshift camps, relayed the information she had received from locals. They claimed that the body had been “hogtied, beaten to a pulp, and thrown in the water to drown.”

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

One individual informed the police that he could identify the alleged killer due to an ongoing feud between the victim and the suspect regarding a tent.

After The Arrest

All five suspects have been incarcerated at the Camden County Sheriff's Office jail in Woodbine.

While the investigation conducted by the GBI remains ongoing, there is currently no evidence to suggest the involvement of additional suspects in the murder of Mamph.

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