Wednesday morning on the Dwyer and Michaels Morning Show, the topic of discussion was car stickers and bumper stickers. Dwyer shared a story of a recent time he saw a funny sticker on a car. The sticker on the tinted passenger window of a random car read "Your man might be in here."

Listeners enjoyed chiming in and sharing funny stickers they have seen or that are stuck on their own cars.

The morning show became more curious about what other car stickers were roaming around the Quad Cities. They posted a discussion on Facebook asking listeners what their car stickers said. Over 700 people shared their funny and cute stickers in the comments.

Needless to say, many of the stickers were hilariously inappropriate, and of course, we want to share them.

Here are 45 inappropriate but funny bumper stickers found within the Quad Cities:

Inappropriate And Funny Bumper Stickers in the Quad Cities

Yes, these car stickers have actually been spotted in the Quad Cities.

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