Congratulations! If you're reading this, you survived 2020. Sure, it was hell for a myriad of reasons, but let's strive for 2021 to be better. We've put together a few tips on how to live a happier year.

1) Start When You Wake Up

Scientists are saying your subconscious is most active in the first moments of waking up, probably due to the whole dream-real life transition. Those first few minutes can be the most impactful on your mindset for the day, so purposefully making them good will make for a happier day. Do something simple like playing one of your favorite songs, listening to your favorite morning radio show, or even something like looking in the mirror and saying "It's going to be a great day."

Or listen to this super catchy song from a kid's show.

2) Drown Out Negative Thinking

Do whatever it takes to drown out the negative thoughts. People have a tendency to dwell and put unnecessary weight on negative experiences. One study found that we need 5 positive experiences to counteract the mental capacity we waste on one negative experience. It's easier said than done, but if you walk into work to an angry boss, don't get hung up on that. Get your first task of the day done, get a candy bar, talk to that chick from accounting you secretly think is cute, drink some fresh coffee, and then see how you feel.


3) Focus on Positivity

Intentionally fill your day with things that make you smile. Look into uplifting quotes, read positive news stories that make you forget about what is happening everywhere else. Make it a habit to check the monkey video guy on TikTok once a day.

@heresyourmonkeycontentGeorge is weirded out by the putty Thank you, Michael and Rachael, for the fan mail! ##PetThings ##FanMail ##Monkey ##Unboxing ##Aww ##Putty♬ original sound - Georgie Boy

4) Spend Time With Those That Bring You Joy

Why surround yourself with those who only want to talk about what's wrong with the world, when you can surround yourself with those that you genuinely enjoy being around? Spend time with your friends that you do nothing but laugh with. Spend time with the family who, no matter how you're feeling, wants to be around you.


We'll make it through this year. We made it through 2020, so anything from here should be easy.

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