If you like a beer the is also sometimes a punch of flavor right in the face, chances are you've run across the 3Floyds selections from Munster Indiana.  Stingy would best describe their distribution deal, only recently tapping up at select Chicago outlets, with a few Binny's and other package sales in the outlying areas.

Well, I hope you're sitting down my babies, because 3Floyds just hit the 4Cities! Starting tonight at RIBCO in the district of Rock Island, 6 different 3Floyds brews will be on tap, starting a relationship that will bring a taste of home to owner Terry Tilka, a Munster native, for the foreseeable future. Tilka's was the first bar to serve up the 3Floyds brand, some 15 years ago. Tilka says the varieties will change, but that 3Floyds brews are here to stay.  RIBCO is the first to offer this wide a selection from the eclectic brewery.  Grab a pint tonight!  And keep your eye out for the flavor punch!

The starting line-up:

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