One of the big stages of growing up is when your parents finally take you off their cell phone family plan. That's part of being an adult, after all. But some people just aren't ready for that moment.

There's a 36-year-old woman named Seloni Khetarpal in Jackson Township, Ohio. And yes, at age 36, her parents were still paying for her cell phone.

They finally cut her off last Thursday.

So, she called 911 to demand that the cops go to her house because her parents cut off her service. The cops told her to call 911 only for a legitimate emergency, but she kept calling back.

They finally went to her house and arrested her for disrupting public services, which is a felony.

Stark County Sheriff's Office
Stark County Sheriff's Office

The cops say she was, "belligerent" when they arrested her, and she said she really thought her parents cutting off her phone service was a legitimate emergency.

Read more at ABC 5 - Cleveland.

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