If you are an early riser or just so happened to wake up early this morning, you may have noticed the spectacular sunrise!

We Midwesterners know that nothing beats an Iowa sunset, but THIS MORNING, WOW! The sky woke up around 4:40 AM and was spewing bright orange, yellow and pink colors all through the sky. It was absolutely jaw-dropping. When people see something as beautiful as this, a photo is always required.

As the morning show members drove in this morning they all noticed the immaculate colors in the sky. They knew people of the Quad Cities were taking photos and wanted to see what everyone's view looked like.

The Dwyer & Michaels morning show posted on their Facebook asking listeners to send in the photos they took this morning of the sunrise. Here is what they got!

30 Photos of the Quad City Sunrise

What makes the sunrise so colorful?
According to WeAreGreenBay.com, "At sunrise and sunset, the sun has to pass through more of the atmosphere than when it is directly overhead during the middle of the day, thus more scattering of molecules occurs. The longer distance of travel through the atmosphere causes more of the blue-colored wavelengths to be scattered before reaching our eyes."

So in a shorter answer... Science.
Now enjoy these photos!


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