When you have a gut feeling about something, do you listen to your gut, or ignore it? This lottery winner listened to his gut and himself thousands of dollars!

A very lucky lottery player from Virginia won $132,000 after all 264 of the tickets he purchased came out as winners in two separate drawings.

On November 18th, Jalen Taylor won $52,000 on 104 tickets in a single Pick-3 drawing. Two months later, January came around, and Taylor won $80,000 on 160 tickets.

All Taylor had to do was match the three-digit combination, and it was a success twice! The winning number in November was 9-6-0, each of Taylor's tickets won $500. In January the winning combo was 5-4-2, once again winning $500 per ticket. Jalen Taylor won $132,000 in just two months!

“I had a feeling... when you get a feeling, just play!” Taylor said via Virginia Lottery officials.

Virginia Lottery Officials
Virginia Lottery Officials

The first batch of winning tickets were purchased at the Food Lion on Timberwood Boulevard, while the second set of tickets were purchased at the Harris Teeter on Emmet Street, both in Charlottesville.

Taylors plan after winning is to invest and save his money.

The Mega Millions jackpot will roll over on Tuesday (February 8) after zero players matched all six numbers during the $22 million drawing on Friday (February 4) night.

The jackpot will now increase to $31 million ($21.0 million cash value) for Tuesday night's drawing.

Results from Friday's Mega Millions game:

NUMBERS: 7-16-34-44-61



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