This is January 26th and we gotta wish Happy Birthdays to 2 Rock Stars today!   First off Eddie Van Halen is 61 today.  He was born in the Netherlands and came to America when he was 6 with his older brother, Alex.  Eddie's middle name is "Lodewijk" which is Dutch for Ludwig ... as in Beethoven, because his father was a pretty accomplished musician and big fan of classical music.  Eddie continued the family tradition by naming his own son "Wolfgang".

It's also the 55th birthday of Cinderella's Tom Keifer.  He is American-born-and-raised, hailing from Philadelphia.  Tom had one of the most unique and totally "rock" voices ever, but had several problems and surgeries on his vocal cords.  This forced him to learn how to sing all over again, a new way, and even today he still has bouts of paralysis with his voice.

But there's no denying that today in 1955 and again in 1961, the world got 2 very talented musicians to honor, so let's do that all day!

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