posted a survey regarding the most popular winter drinks.  Topping the list, of course, is Hot Chocolate & Eggnog.

1.  Hot chocolate, 32%
2.  Eggnog, 25%
3.  Apple cider, 12%
4.  Peppermint-flavored coffee, 7%
5.  Mulled cider, 4%

Then again...most people are boring and unimaginative. So, here is MY list of favorite boozy winter drinks.

1. Hot Cocoa with Peppermint Schnapps.  It warms you up on multiple layers.  Of course it's nice and warm so the thermodynamics of it makes sense. But only Schnapps can fill your torso with a blanket of calm & joy.

Get yourself a big glass beer mug and fill it 3/4 of the way with water.  (Only being 3/4 full makes it easier to stir and leaves plenty of room for the booze.)  Stick it in the microwave until it's hot.  Then add in your cocoa mix and stir.  Top off with your favorite peppermint schnapps.  Marshmallows are optional but enjoyable.

2. Spiked Eggnog.  I don't recommend making your own eggnog.  Just because it seems too hard.  Never done it myself.  But the store-bought nog tends to be super thick and sweet.  Add some Captain Morgan Spiced Rum to level it out and then you don't even have to worry about adding nutmeg.  It's got a super nice bite that'll make you believe in Santa Claus and the Christmas spirit all over again.

No real instructions here.  Just add a shot or two to your eggnog.  Pro Tip: store your rum in the freezer so it doesn't warm your nog too much.

3. Hot Toddy.  This is a GREAT winter drink...but  it's even better for a night cap when you just want to put your body to sleep.  Perfect for when you're not feeling the greatest.

Warm up 3/4 a cup of water in the microwave.  Dump in a shot of whiskey and stir with a spoonful of honey.  Add in a cinnamon stick for garnish if you want to be super fancy.

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