If you are a Cyclone fan you are in the wrong place. This article is for all the Iowa Hawkeye lovers out there!

Iowa v Nebraska
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Over the weekend Hairball wanted to go to a bar to watch the Iowa game. He had never done this before, and he didn't know what local bars had the best game day atmosphere. We decided to ask our listeners, "Where is the best place to watch Iowa football?"

We received over 200 responses, and although some of them were sarcastic with answers like "the bathroom" and "my basement," we did get plenty of good suggestions.

Penn State v Iowa
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Hairball ended up going to Public House and had an awesome time with his buddy.

"I went to Publics for a Hawkeye game and it was PACKED! Before the game started they blasted Back in Black (the walkout song) and a couple of bartenders ran around with Iowa flags for the whole song screaming and everyone was getting hype. Then after 1st period, they did the I O W A flags in the corners of the bar as they do during pre-game. It was awesome!" -Hairball

Here are 15 of the best places around the Quad Cities where you can watch the Iowa games:

The Best Places To Watch Iowa Football Games

We have gathered 15 places around the Quad Cities where people LOVE to watch Iowa Football games. Many bars with owners that are Hawkeye fans have specials on game days. Cheaper beer, special dishes, and even free shots when Iowa scores a touchdown.

We asked listeners where their favorite place to watch Iowa football was, and here is what they suggested.

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