Tim Burrows of London was at the Reading Festival back in 2003 when he lost his wallet. It never turned up and, obviously, he'd moved on.


Earlier this week, Tim got a Facebook message from a random guy named Giles who asked, "Did you lose a wallet at Reading once?" Tim responded that he had.

Giles told Tim that he and his friend found it, stole the $13 out of it, and they used it to buy hard cider. Then, after the guilt set in, they decided to hold a cider drinking contest in Tim's honor called the Timothy Burrows Drinking Challenge.

They've been holding that event every single year since. The rules are simple: Teams of five people have a gallon of hard cider and they have to chug it as quickly as possible.

Now that Giles is in touch with Tim, he offered to repay him the $13 they took. There's no word if Tim is going to attend the 14th annual event that's named after him, but he never even knew about.

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