When you want to go home from school early, you'll do just about whatever it takes. Faking a stomach-ache, calling your mom and asking to go home because you didn't do the big homework assignment and you'll fail if you're not gone by then, or stealing a school bus and driving at ridiculously high speeds while being chased by the police. Some work out better than others.

An 11-year-old student at Head Start school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, saw the bus empty, and climbed inside. He then figured out how to start it, and took off. Apparently he didn't realize it was Sunday, when there's no school.

Once the authorities realized what had happened, dozens of police were seen pursuing the bus.

Officers were able to successfully stop the bus, but it was damaged.

"Thank goodness he was okay. He was safe, but it was not your typical Sunday afternoon occurrence for sure, so, we're, we're blessed in that it didn't do any more damage than it did,” said Libby Smith, who saw the bus crash outside her home.

The boy was charged with Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Flight, Damage to Property, and Assault.

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