It's pretty easy nowadays to mindlessly spend your money, which means we're wasting it instead of saving it. To change our ways, we need to look at what we waste money on the most.

  1. ATM fees – If your bank's logo isn't on the ATM, don't use it.
  2. Late fees - Set up automatic payments or calendar reminders so paying bills becomes routine.
  3. Underused subscriptions – Review your subscriptions at the end of the month and see which you don't really need.
  4. Buying lunch every day – Eating out adds up quickly, homemade meals cut costs dramatically.
  5. Bottled water – While you're getting into the habit of packing your lunch, start filling up a water bottle too.
  6. Cable – Consider cutting the cord and getting your TV from the internet to save around $100 per month.
  7. Cable box and modem – Buying your own box or modem will pay for itself in no time compared to renting one from the cable company.
  8. Extra smartphone data – To never pay an overage charge again, install a "fuel gauge" app to monitor the data you use and warn you if you're approaching your monthly limit.
  9. Excess groceries – Every time you throw away excess groceries, that's money down the drain.
  10. Brand-name products – Going generic is an easy way to save money over time, at least 30%.
  11. Impulse buys – Skip the candy or magazine and redirect that $5 toward your savings goals or retirement account.

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