For any skill you are great at in your adult life, there's a child prodigy who will, at a young age, show up your skills without a second thought. For scooter enthusiasts, that prodigy is 10-year-old Tyler Hainey.

On his Instagram, Tyler shared a video of himself as he "smashed the wall of fear down and smashed it to pieces!!!"

The 10-year-old landed his first double backflip on a scooter.

Doing any sort of a flip on a scooter is terrifying, because we all know how it feels when you smack your ankle on the ground. Imagine the pain of that thing swinging around mid-air and taking out your legs before you even come down.

Tyler is known to be the youngest person to land a single backflip on a scooter, completing the feat at only seven years old.

Tyler told DailyMail he hopes to win gold in the Olympics some day.

Check out this run he did at a competition, where of course, he won the grand prize for his intense skill and ability.

I can't imagine getting as high off of the ground as he does without the factor of standing only on a 4" wide piece of metal with wheels attached to it.

Keep it up, Tyler. You're going to go far.

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