Have you ever had some words you wanted to say to someone, but you couldn't say what you wanted to because of no-profanity rules in the office, or maybe you're at church, or in front of your kids?

A post on Reddit asked the simple question; "What is your favorite profanity-free insult?" The comments came flooding in, many duplicates of another, but regardless, they're pretty great.

Feel free to use any of these insults today, just know it's not on me if you get in trouble anyway.

  • "You couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel."
  • "You're the reason we need lifeguards in the gene pool."
  • "As an outsider, what's your view on intelligence?"
  • "I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are."
  • "You are impossible to underestimate."
  • "You're the reason shampoo has instructions."
  • "You have a face for radio." I don't understand how that's an insult.
  • "Bless your heart." The southern "F--- you."
  • "Everyone makes mistakes, but you're really abusing that privilege."
  • Multiple commenters said when driving, giving a thumbs down is worse than the middle finger. It makes sense, because we all brush off the bird, but getting a thumbs down is ultimate disapproval.

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