Did you do any DIY projects while you were home from work? Most of us have done at least one project since lockdown started, according to a survey from SWNS.

Close to 70% of people who took on a project said it didn't turn out the way they pictured, and 1 in 10 of us said that the project made things worse than when we started.

Some other stuff they discovered can easily be identified with:

  • The average person has six projects on our list, and 78% have noticed something we'd like to update.
  • It would cost an average of $680 to knock out the top 3 projects off the list.
  • On average, three things go wrong during each task.
  • The most common mistakes we make are: putting things together wrong, buying the wrong parts, injuring ourselves.
  • The reasons we avoid projects are pretty easy to guess:
    • Lack of money
    • Lack of time
    • Lack of knowledge
    • Lack of willpower

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