Maybe people won’t notice if your bassist is hammered, but if you’ve got a wasted drummer, your entire performance will fall to pieces. We scoured the halls of YouTube to find the most trashed of the trashed.

Imagine being so inebriated you can’t even hit properly. You’ll see one drummer doing his best Keanu Reeves Matrix impression while drumming, falling off his stool not once, but twice in the middle of a song. Another drummer playing at an outdoor event simply hit the deck and didn’t bother getting up, leaving his rockabilly bandmates to play without percussion.

In 1973, the Who’s Keith Moon decided to mix horse tranquilizers with brandy before performing, causing the legendary drummer to collapse onto his kit, incapacitating himself in the middle of a show. The Who actually found a fan in the crowd to fill in for Moon, giving 19-year-old Scott Halpin the story of his life.

One of these percussionists actually gave the performance of a lifetime while hammered at Germany’s iconic Oktoberfest. Manning a bass drum and cymbals, the s**tfaced man brilliantly led the Oktoberfest band, keeping solid time even when the bass drum began creeping away. The drummer’s unbridled enthusiasm send this video into legendary status, so we salute this blotto virtuoso.

Check out the 10 Most Wasted Drummers of All Time in the Loud List below.

10 Most WASTED Drummers of All Time

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