It's getting warmer out, which means its time to do the annual spring cleaning, which normally we would all put off, but a lot of people have already done their cleaning since they're stuck in their house anyway.

Some tasks suck worse more than others. I typically like to clean the beer fridge out at some point, and get rid of all the close-dated winter beers, then I'll work my way through the less than desirable tasks. Here's the bottom 10 tasks.

  1. Deep-cleaning the Tub- This isn't too bad if you do it often enough.
  2. Cleaning Light Fixtures and Furniture- I'm just going to sit on it again anyway.
  3. Dusting Mirrors- This takes forever, because there's always streaking.
  4. Vacuuming The Entire House- Even those weird cracks on the wall by the stairs with all the dog hair and cobwebs
  5. Cleaning the Refrigerator- My stomach can't handle this one. I can't stand to smell left over Thanksgiving stuffing.
  6. Cleaning the Oven- Even using 'Self Clean' sucks because it smells up the whole house
  7. Washing the Baseboards- Down on your hands and knees, scrubbing and scrubbing. My back hurts already.
  8. Dusting Shelves- You can't even see the shelf half the time, why even do it?
  9. Dusting the Blinds and Windows- This one always sets off my allergies.
  10. Washing the Windows- Inside and out, and it especially sucks if you have to get the ladder.

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