Sometimes we do things where we feel like we have to act in secrecy in case someone catches us because we don't want to go to jail. It turns out, most of the sneaky stuff we try to pull of isn't illegal at all. Some people are going to feel a lot less badass after seeing this list.

  1. Taking Extra Napkins From The Restaurant- For the car, for tissues to keep with you in your bag, or just plain keeping them on the table at home because you're too cheap to buy paper towels, it's not illegal, though the restaurant owner might think you're a jerk.
  2. Breaking into Your House or Car When You're Locked Out- As long as it's actually your house, you're not doing anything wrong. That's your stuff, so why does anyone else care if you break it?
  3. Using a Gas Station Bathroom Without Buying Anything- This is simply an etiquette thing. You're using their facilities, so the least you could do is buy a $1 candy bar, but sometimes you're not feeling that. Just be aware of signs that say "Bathrooms are for customers only."
  4. Opening a Drink or Snack Before You Pay For It- As long as you don't ditch the evidence before you get to the register, you're within your bounds. Think about when you go to a restaurant, do you pay for the food before you eat it, or do they bring the bill at the end?
  5. When You're In a Store and Realize Something in Your Pocket is Sold There- "Just act natural, then they won't think you stole it," is running through your head, but in all reality, whatever you have in your pocket is used and beat up, at least a little more than a freshly packaged version. Nobody's going to think you opened a chapstick and used half the tube, or chewed 3/4 of a pack a gum by the time you left the store.
  6. Adjusting Your Junk in Public- Manners are important. As long as you're not full on yanking on your stuff with a face full of determination, there's nothing wrong with a quick, minor adjustment.
  7. Reading a Book at a Bookstore and Putting it Back on the Shelf- It's not illegal, but it certainly isn't the polite thing to do. Sure, check out the first few pages, but don't go reading half the book and then coming back next week to finish it. "This is a bookstore, not a library."
  8. Going Through a Metal Detector and Thinking You Forgot If You Have Any Guns or Knives in Your Pocket- You typically don't forget something like that, so as long as you got your keys out of your pocket, you don't have anything to worry about.
  9. Ripping Two Bananas Off The Bunch, Because You Don't Need 6- There's a reason most bananas are sold by the pound, not by a set amount in a bunch. They don't come as a uniform number from the banana company, so don't sweat it.
  10. Turning The Light On in Your Car While Driving At Night- It's not illegal, but it certainly can make it a little more difficult to see when driving after dark. This is simply one of those things your parents told you so you wouldn't be annoying and act like you're running lights at the club.

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