When you're drunk and stumbling around your house, pretty much everything is dangerous. But which spots are the most dangerous?

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A new study analyzed emergency room reports since 2009 looked at injuries people got when they were drunk or high and found the percentage of injuries caused by 12 different things in your home. Check 'em out:

  1. Stairs, 17% of injuries.
  2. Floors, 13%. We assume that means tripping and falling, and getting hurt when you hit the floor.
  3. Bicycles, 10%. We're not sure if that means people are riding drunk IN the house, or just tripping over their stuff. But either way, bikes and drinking send people to the ER.
  4. Ceilings and walls, 3.6%.
  5. Windows, 3%.
  6. Beds, 2.5%.
  7. Porches and balconies, 2%.
  8. Tables, 2%.
  9. Chairs, 2%.
  10. Bathtubs or showers, 1.75%.
  11. Fences, 1.5%.
  12. Alcohol bottles, 1.5%. That means about one or two people out of 100 got seriously hurt when they were drunk and trying to get even drunker.

The study also found 70% of all drunk injures happen to men. There's only one part of the body women are more likely to hurt than men, the pubic region. Seriously. Just over half of the drunken injuries to the genitalia happen to women.

Also, people are most likely to have injuries because of drugs or alcohol on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they're least likely on Tuesday.

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