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Little Girl Heard "Monsters" In The Walls

A family shared some shocking video from their home in North Carolina, where three-year-old Saylor kept telling her parents she was hearing monsters in the wall.

"We even gave her a bottle of water and said it was monster spray so that she could spray away any of the monsters at night," her mom said.

After some months went by and she was still hearing it, they noticed some bees near the attic and chimney of their 100-year-old house, so they called a pest control specialist, who found over 50,000 bees inside the wall of her bedroom.

Sammy Hagar Got A Walk of Fame Star

Somehow, Sammy Hagar has gone all of these years without a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He finally got one yesterday.

Drunk Driver Takes A Tree With Him

According to the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, a drunk driver drove around town with a tree stuck to the front of his truck.

On Monday, April 29, 2024, at approximately 6:15 a.m. Ingham County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Williamston Rd. and I-96 in Wheatfield Township for a single-vehicle crash. A passerby noticed the damaged truck parked at a gas station with a tree embedded in its side. The driver inside the vehicle was unresponsive. Deputies were able to wake the driver and determined that the 18-year-old Springport man hit a tree near the exit sometime after midnight. The driver was still intoxicated and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Charges for operating while intoxicated (OWI) will be sought. The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office urges motorists to drive safe and sober.

Walt Disney Reinvented The Trash Can

Walt Disney Didn't Get Hired For An Art Job In Davenport

Disney tried to get a job at a place in Davenport doing some artwork for slides, and they didn't think he was good enough. They offered him a job selling movie projectors instead. This story hung around for years until Disney flew Bill Wundram out to do a column on him.

Truck Eating Bridge Strikes Again

The Truck Eating Bridge struck again on Wednesday, going full sardine can on a semi trailer.


Bee Delay During MLB Game

A swarm of bees collected on a net at a Dodgers vs. Diamond Backs game last night, and they had to call a pest control company to come smoke and remove them.

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