The idea that guys think about sex every seven seconds is just a myth. If you're up 16 hours a day, that's over 8,000 times. So what's the real number?

A new survey found the average American only thinks about sex eight times a day. It didn't break the results down separately for men and women though.

The survey found we also talk about sex five times a day, on average. And we assume that's in addition to the eight times we think about it. Here are a few more stats:

  1. 87% of us have talked about our sex life with someone. And 65% are comfortable doing it. That includes 29% who said they're "very comfortable" talking about sex.
  2. The person we're most likely to talk about sex with is our significant other, followed by friends, co-workers, and roommates.
  3. 54% of us have gone to someone for sex advice. The #1 person we ask is our significant other, followed by friends, and the Internet.
  4. 49% of Americans have experienced an embarrassing "SEX FAIL." Just under half of them told someone about it, and we tell an average of four other people.

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