According to this article, if you have anything in your wallet right now, you should take it out. Actually, you should probably just leave it at home.

Business Insider posted a list of things you shouldn't keep in your wallet or purse. See how many you're carrying around right now:

  • A list of passwords. This one makes a lot of sense, if you're going to write down all your passwords you should keep it hidden in your home.
  • Identifying documents. The only identifying document you should carry is your driver's license. Only carrying your social security card or passport if you're traveling.
  • Your debit card or a bunch of cash. If a thief gets access to your bank account through a debit card, there's no way to get that money back. Same with cash.
  • Gift cards. Keep these on you when you're headed to the store they belong to.
  • Membership and loyalty cards. Same as gift cards, only take them when you're going to a specific store. About the worst that could happen is that a thief could drain your reward points.
  • Old receipts. These leave a paper trail of places you shop. Fraudulent purchases at those stores would be less likely to be declined.

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