I guess the Jonas Brothers are huge fans of Coors Light. Who would have thought. In my mind they're still under the legal drinking age. I guess they're older now.

The brothers Nick, Joe, and Kevin were given the opportunity to visit the brewery in Golden, CO and they jumped at the chance, and created their own limited-edition batch.

It must have been a decent-sized run because it'll be available in select markets while supplies last. The closest it'll be available to us is in Chicago in mid-November. But hey, we drive to Wisconsin and Indiana for beer so Chicago isn't that big of a jump.

You'll know it's the Jonas Brothers' one because their faces are superimposed onto the Coors Light mountains, like Mount Rushmore.


For what it's worth, their batch won't taste any different than the classic Coors Light, but you can crush one knowing it was made with the very talented hands of the Jonas Brothers.

It's unclear how hands-on they were in actually implementing the recipe. Although, it's Coors Light, so it couldn't have been that complicated.

The Jonas Brothers' love of Coors is well-documented. They drank so much of it at Nick and Priyanka Chopra's wedding that they ran out. And they also featured it in their "Only Human" video.

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