We've seen stories like this before, but the reason behind this one is pretty sweet.

There's a World War Two vet named James South who lives in a retirement home near Dallas. And he's going viral after he made a sign asking people to send 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday.

He wants to decorate his room with them, and his late wife was one of the reasons he thought of it.

While they were dating during World War Two, she wrote him a letter every day he was gone fighting overseas.

They were married 55 years until she passed away back in 2001. Then he lived on his own until two years ago, when he finally moved into a retirement home at 98.

His birthday is October 7th, which is still about two weeks out. So if you want to send a card, there's plenty of time.

The address is: 

James South

5800 North Park Drive

Watauga, Texas  76148

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