It’s true that the free love movement might have died down by the end of the 60s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a groovy 60s-themed party! For those who are looking to throw their own Woodstock-inspired theme party, you’re in luck. Grab your headbands and teardrop sunglasses because it’s about to get groovy!

It’s the Woodstock Themed Party night at Boozies in Downtown Davenport.

Friday August 13, 2021 will be an evening of food, drinks, and music at Boozies at 10pm with DJ Barry playing your requests. Dig out those bell bottoms you've been wanting to wear.

Enjoy food specials and $5 beer and a bomb all day Friday August 13 with the best Woodstock Theme outfit winning a $50 Boozies gift card.

Every decade has its own style

The 90's it was flannels and ripped jeans. In the 80's it was big hair and neon sunglasses. For the 70s, it’s disco balls and polyester; for the 60's, it’s bell-bottoms and long hair. So what better way to celebrate than reliving that style?

Woodstock was the best

With its free-flowing psychedelic rock, plenty of recreational drugs and hippies in abundance. This weekend, you can make some new memories with Davenport’s own version of Woodstock at Boozies Nightclub on Friday August 13th.

So break out the "hip-huggers" and "flower power" spirit and meet your friends at Boozies in downtown Davenport.

Dressed in tie-dye, you’re ready to have a groovy night at Boozies. The atmosphere is laid back and other words...Groovy!

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