This Christmas, like every Christmas, there's a chance your significant other is going to give you something horrible.
A new survey had women name the worst gifts they've ever gotten.


The survey found that 40% of women now pick out what they want their significant other to buy them and 30% practice looking thankful in the mirror in case they have to react to a present they don't like.

    Here are their top worst gifts:

  1. A chainsaw.
  2. Nose hair trimmers.
  3. A fishing pole.
  4. A fossil.
  5. Hair removal cream.
  6. A dustpan and brush.
  7. A sweater with an alien printed on it.
  8. A tube and funnel to help pee outdoors.
  9. Cellulite cream.
  10. A cleaning wash for their lady parts.

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Here are some of the worst gifts you could buy for just about anybody:

  1. Adjustable Table Stand - Lay around and use your tablet without having to hold it.
  2. Bluetooth Unisex Gloves - Why use a headset when you can use you hands as a phone?
  3. Netflix and Chill Candle - Cash in on one of the year's biggest phrases.
  4. Animal Weighing Scale - Compare your weight to barnyard livestock.
  5. Life Countdown Watch - Make every second count when you know when your last second is.
  6. 360 Degree Mirror - Never miss a spot while getting ready for a night out.
  7. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glass - You won't forget the salt with your tequila when the glass is made from salt.
  8. Red Wine Floor Mat - Who thought this was a better idea than just getting an actual bottle of wine?
  9. USB Typewriter - Type up your next social media post in true Hipster fashion.
  10. Eye Massager - The only thing that beats a regular massage is an eye massage.