23-year-old Kadie Naumann and 32-year-old Kyla Cole were drinking at a friend's apartment in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Thursday. They wanted to use the pool but didn't have bathing suits.


The ladies decided to do some late-night skinny dipping. Unfortunately the cops spotted them when they showed up to respond to a noise complaint. According to the police report, they found them at the swimming pool "completely nude" and "highly intoxicated."

It's also not clear if the cops were planning to arrest them or not. They might have just let them go. But then they started to leave after the cops told them not to. When the cops tried to stop them, Kadie mule-kicked one of the cops in the groin.

Both were arrested for indecent exposure and Kadie is facing charges for assaulting an officer.

Horry County Sheriff's Office

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