Residents came together to rescue a woman whose car crashed through the ice of the Rideau River in the south end of Ottawa.

Emergency services were called to respond to the river in Manotick around 4:30pm on Sunday.

Witnesses told CTV News that a car driving around on the went through the ice and into the cold water late Sunday afternoon.

Videos and pictures showed the woman standing on top of the vehicle as it sank into the river.

"So luckily one of my other neighbors, Rob Crober, had a rope that he had got, so he ran back to his place to grab one of his kayaks off his kayak rack. And I was untangling the rope, he got back, we tied the rope to the kayak and then just got it out to here," Zachary King told
CTV News Ottawa.

Police say the driver has been charged with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle under the Criminal Code of Canada. Video shared from the backyard of one resident shows the woman passing by, driving on the ice seemingly as fast as the car could get up and going.

"You don’t expect your kids to have to watch out for cars zipping down on the frozen river," Sacha Gera told CTV News. "Essentially, the kids were just playing out on the backyard hockey rink. And while they were skating they saw this yellow Subaru kind of zipping down the river and they were caught off by surprise."

Luckily, everyone is safe. It feels like she was up to doing something dangerous, and probably had to share it with her followers on whatever social media platform, which would explain the selfie.

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