Now this is how you ghost someone. Last fall, Denise Robertson was living with her boyfriend, Maurice Thibeault, in Ontario, Canada. They'd been living together for over two years and always played the lottery together.

Well, on September 20th Denise heard on the radio that a winning ticket had been sold in Chatham. Maurice had bought their tickets that week, so she asked him if it was one of the ones he got. He said it wasn't.

But when she got home from work the next day, he was gone. His clothes, his toothbrush, all of his stuff, and his passport were missing. Maurice didn't respond to any of her calls or messages.

It turns out he had bought the ticket that won the $4.9 million jackpot and didn't want to share it with her.

Denise just filed a lawsuit against him for half of the jackpot, plus punitive damages. She says that they had an agreement to share everything if they ever won, regardless of who bought the ticket. Maurice's lawyer says they never had that deal.

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