There's a website called, where you can pay a few bucks for a personalized video from a celebrity. Not ALL celebrities, of course. But they have a pretty impressive roster.

You can have them say whatever you want within reason, of course. It's your money. And recently, a woman named Cheyenne came up with an awesome idea for this service. She hired Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray to break up with her boyfriend Brayden.

In the video, Mark tells Brayden, "She's having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship . . . She still cares about you a lot, you never know what the future may hold, and she still wants to be friends with you...

"[Cheyenne] knows that you're a fan of the band Sugar Ray, which I'm honored. I wish I was delivering you good news. Hopefully I can see you backstage, give you a high five someday, dude, we can maybe laugh about this sometimes.


"Hopefully we all can, Cheyenne, Brayden, all of us. We all can hang out. But she wants to be friends right now, bro."

Celebrities set their own rates, and Mark charges $100, but he donates to (RED)’s fight to end AIDS.

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