In a video shared to my favorite subreddit, r/PublicFreakout, a woman is not happy about a pig being in the park.

The woman is seen following the pig's owner as she walks her leashed animal in a park. The owner of the pig's friend filmed the whole encounter and can be heard in the video.

“This is a community that has bylaws, and if you have a dog, you put it on a leash,” the woman says to them.

In the video, the pig is clearly on a leash, and the owner explains that he is under control.

"It's huge!" the woman says, "So what?"

Not long after that, the pig dropped a load on the ground, and the woman is not happy at all.

"Look at that!" She exclaims, to which the owner explains that pigs poop just like dogs do. Even though the owner of the pig is picking up the poop, the woman still comments on the amount of it.

The owner of the pig explains that the pig is a registered emotional support animal, and if the woman has a problem, to contact her lawyer. The woman responds by saying she's going to call the Home Owner's Association about the pig.

“He’s taking his business on the grass,” the woman complains in the phone call to the association.

It's not clear where the video takes place at, but one of the women is wearing a Miami sweater, which means she's either in Miami or visited a high traffic tourist spot.

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