If you're a big Willie Nelson fan, and a big fan of the devil's lettuce, there's a livestream just for you.

The stream is called "Come and Toke It." It's going to feature musical guests, comedians, chefs, and some cannabis experts (the science kind of expert, not the Willie Nelson kind of expert).

The event stars at 4:20pm on 4/20, and will last 4 hours, 20 minutes.

One lucky viewer will get to hang with Willie virtually after the show as the winner of a social media contest.

Simply share a video of you "passing the toking material of your choice" to the left, and include the hashtags #ComeAndTokeIT and #PassLeft.

If you win, be sure to wish Willie an early happy birthday. He turns 87 on April 29th.

Visit Luck Reunion to find out more about the event. All social distancing requirements will be met, and an opportunity to donate to the Last Prisoner Project will be available.

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