The wife and I were having a few drinks over the weekend and I proposed a hypothetical question to her.  Looking back, the conversation that ensued was pretty telling of the time we live in.

I asked her, "If COVID was over...if we both got the vaccine, the kids were able to get a safe vaccine, where would we go on vacation?"

Now, normally a hypothetical question would bring out extremes.  You might expect an answer like "Hawaii" or " Europe" or "a Caribbean Cruise".  But instead of any of that we talked about The Dells, or Grizzly Jacks.  Somewhere close, but fun.  That being together (even though we've had a LOT of togetherness the past year) was the most important thing.

If anything this lockdown has given us perspective.  Just the fact that we could get out and be together was vacation enough.  Doesn't matter where.

TripAdvisor just released a poll about travel plans in 2021.

Here are some of the results


  • 45% of U.S. passengers say they are planning on travelling internationally in 2021.  14% of them have ALREADY booked an international trip for later this year.
  • 80% of Americans polled said they were planning one overnight domestic trip for fun.  And 34% of them said they were planning at least THREE.
  • And 65% of U.S. travelers will spend more time choosing a destination this year, mostly because they missed out on the joy of vacation planning in 2020.
  • Of course, this is all dependent on being vaccinated.  30% of Americans said they would only fly to destinations that REQUIRED vaccinations.  And 69% said that if they are vaccinated they will be more likely to travel internationally.

(PR Newswire)

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