UPDATE 07/12/23:

The man who went on a violent and sexually charged rampage through two casinos on the Las Vegas Strip may finally have an explanation, or at least, his family does.

Brian Danilczyk's wife told the press that he downed a drink laced with hallucinogens, which prompted him to fight a one-legged man at the Flamingo, and then wave his genitalia around after he stripped down and danced on a table at Harrah's.

Brian's wife, Michelle, places the blame for the incident on someone else in a text to the New York Post. She says Brian is a "great person" who would never behave the way he was seen on video (see below). She told the press that "he is the victim."

Michelle says doctors are working to determine what the drug that was in his system, which not only allegedly caused the event, but also him to forget all memory of it.

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report alleges that a fight started in one casino on the Vegas strip, and the incident ended with the man naked and dancing on a card game table.



At about 11:22pm, LV Metro PD received reports of a fight happening near the Bird Bar at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. When officers arrived, they said that the fight had happened, but only one person was still at the scene. Witnesses told investigators that a man had been attacked by a person, later identified as Brian Danilczyk, of West Babylon, New York.

Video showed an unprovoked attack and on top of another person who only has one leg. Once he was pulled off of the victim, he took off and headed for the LINQ Hotel.

Officers tracking the man through the LINQ observed Danilczyk remove his clothing. Officers tried to detain him, but he ran through the casino, yelling and fully unclothed. Police said the man then moved onto Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

attachment-Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 9.42.37 AM

At Harrah’s, police reports indicate that Danilczyk “ran completely naked through the Linq to [Harrah’s],” where he “climbed atop a poker table came and flaunted his genitals to all who [passed] exposing his penis and testicles while ‘gyrating.'” Danilczyk then changed his position to expose “his anus to all who passed on the main floor,” the police report said.

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Check out the entire video from Harrah's as the guy danced in the casino:

According to police, Danilczyk appeared to be in an “altered mental state” and was cooperative. Once he sobered up, he told officers he had no remembrance of the incident.

He faces charges of disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, and battery. CCDC records indicate that he is no longer being held, and records show that Danilczyk’s court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 17.

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