There's been chatter about Mike Rowe of 'Dirty Jobs' being spotted in Rochelle last week. It's true, he was there but it had nothing to do with getting dirty, it was actually the opposite.

Mike Rowe has a new tv show (actually it has a few seasons under its belt) and in an episode of Returning The Favor, was filmed in Rochelle last Thursday (March 21st). This show highlights people doing things to help others. Check out the preview below.

This is why Mike Rowe and his film crew were in Rochelle last week. He wanted to return the favor to the Brown family, the folks behind a community restaurant called The Kitchen Table. You may not know of the homelessness that exists in Rochelle. It's there, too, and in big numbers, that's where The Kitchen Table comes in. The restaurant is a "pay what you can" diner. Some meals aren't paid for. According to Sauk Valley News (SVN), the Browns have put $80,000 of their own money to make the restaurant possible. SVN reported Mike Rowe's Return The Favor learned of what they're doing and wanted to help. He did so by donating $50,000 and SVN explained what happened.

Not only did Rowe bring his film crew to shoot a TV show, he pitched in both by helping work at The Kitchen Table, and by donating $50,000 towards an expansion project that will build a new dining hall at the community cafe, located at 7034 Klondike Road in Rochelle.

If you're a "picture of it didn't happen" kind of person you don't have to wait until the episode airs.

Returning The Favor is available to watch through Facebook Watch.


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