Today is the anniversary of the Whiz that got Ozzy banned from San Antonio for over a decade.  The legend has it that he relieved himself on the one thing that every San Antonio resident can agree is supremely cherish-able... The Alamo.  The ambiguity comes in as to where exactly he did it!

According to one man's account in a recent post,  Ozzy actually peed on the statue in the adjacent "Alamo Square", but I call B.S.!   Having lived there myself (arriving just two and a half years after the incident) and having had many conversations about this with people who had relatives or friends at the scene, or who say they were there in person, the believable story was that he did it on the wall around the perimeter of the back side of the building,  And that blogger's "beat him senseless" idea? I don't agree with that either.  Regardless of how shocking that sight would have been to even the police, they wouldn't treat a visitor like that, not in 1982.  The town is classy and the police are classy, and his "permanent ban" would have been enough.

In general, I don't believe everything I read.  I'm even more skeptical taking the word from someone who used a Boston reporter as his source.  But here's what I do know, Ozzy peeing on that statue that was mentioned, would be like one of us whipping it out and peeing in the intersection of Kimberly and Brady!  It is completely wide open, completely full of people, and completely void of ANY privacy.  You can't NOT KNOW that there's people standing right next to you the whole time that are not your bodyguards, no matter how messed up you are!

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