Dwyer & Michaels had to leave this morning at 8am, leaving Goose, Hairball and Megan behind to make sure the computers are running how they should until 10. Michaels wanted us to use this time to get work done.

attachment-michaels hawkeye fi

"Make sure you're responsible with your time and get all of your work done."

- Bill Michaels, "Responsible" Employee

Well, it's Friday, and as Todd Rundgren said, "I don't want to work"

First thing was to grab some breakfast. Dwyer doesn't like the smell of eggs, so breakfast sandwiches aren't in the studio.

Dwyer Employee of the week

"Eggs smell like farts."

-Greg Dwyer, Picky Eater

So, the way to go was some sausage, egg, and cheese sammies from Redband across the street.

attachment-Red Band Sandwiches

Then, it was time to get down to business. Goose has been talking a lot of crap at Hairball about the NHL video games. Well, there's a bigass TV right here in the studio, so they decided to settle things once and for all.

attachment-NHL in studio

You can't do that!

We're not going to talk about the final scores.. you can probably figure out how it went.

Then, it was onto the main idea. Supposedly, these guys are "legends" of radio. Let's see how they do a show with toilet paper rubbing on their face.


Check out their reactions:

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