None of us have a clue what we're doing as parents. Maybe if we all put our heads together, we can come up with some decent ideas.


A new survey found the average ages when people think it's the right time for kids to hit different milestones. Check 'em out, see if you agree:

  • Get an allowance – 10 years old.
  • Go on a sleepover – 11.
  • Have the sex talk with you – 12-and-a-half.
  • Stay home alone – 13-and-a-half.
  • Get their first cell phone – 14.
  • Wear makeup – 15.
  • Have their first kiss – 15.
  • Get a job – 15-and-a-half.
  • Go on their first date – 16.
  • Go to their first concert – 16-and-a-half.

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